Floating roof storage tank construction

We can offer both the Pontoon type floating roof and the Double Deck type floating roof. For both types we design, fabricate and install all the necessary component parts including:

• Guide poles
• Deck legs
• Rolling ladder
• Roof drain systems

We supply and install the most cost effective type of roof seal to suit your stored liquids as well as advising on the necessary fire protection for your tank. Read our case study on Conoco Phillips.

Pontoon floating roof

The Pontoon floating roof is designed for maximum buoyancy with minimum structural material and extremely low maintenance. This type of roof is an excellent low cost method of achieving stored product protection.

Double deck floating roof

The Double deck floating roof is generally recommended for products with a higher vapour pressure. The trapped air space formed between the double deck surface of the roof provides effective product insulation whilst the underside is in constant contact with the stored liquid.

Floating roof storage tank

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