Health and safety at Fenelon

Health & Safety

Fenelon is committed to providing a place of work which promotes the health, safety and welfare of our employees, sub-contractors, clients and the public. We aim to minimise our environmental impact across all areas of our work scope and reduce our carbon footprint where possible.

Best practice

As Members of the British Safety Council we are committed to working towards and achieving the highest standards in the areas of health, safety and environmental performance.

Our membership provides us with avenues for bench marking our performance and provides opportunities of improvement allowing us to continually aim for best practice standards.

We are proud of our Health and Safety achievements to date and are continually reviewing our work scope, policies, procedures and safe systems of work to identify any risks and manage these in accordance with the principles of prevention.


Health and Safety Best Practice


Safety standards

Our safety standards and objectives are a core value across all our operations and they hold the highest priority levels within the company.

To ensure we meet the required standards and achieve our objectives we have an in house HSEQ team who champion all aspects of HSEQ within the company, an internal HSEQ management systems and clearly defined safety responsibilities for all levels of employee.

Our HSE management system covers all aspects of our work scope and is constantly reviewed and updated providing a frame work for providing safe systems of work for any project we undertake.


Internal HSE monitoring

As part of our commitment to health safety and the environment we have numerous internal monitoring facilities to allow our performances to be measured, reviewed and improved. These facilities include, work place inspections, HSE performance reports, behavioural safety audits, site safety audits, safety tours and near miss reporting systems.

The completion of our internal monitoring and where required the implementation of preventative and corrective actions ensure we are addressing any risks at the earliest opportunity and providing solutions to reduce their potential occurrence or future impact.


Safety Culture

Ensuring a positive safety culture within our company is paramount to providing a safe place of work. We strive to ensure that all employees’ attitudes, beliefs and their individual perceptions of safety are in line with Fenelons core values.

Through a positive safety culture across the company we can work together continually improving and making the work place safer for all.



At all times we are constantly looking at ways of developing our workforce and increasing their range of skills whilst ensuring competence and the improvement of current skills and knowledge.

ECITBFenelon is proud to be committed to the ECITB Skills and Training Charter for the development of all within the engineering and construction industry.

We have the capability to train our employees in house for numerous courses and have provided approved external training providers for specialist requirements. All external training providers are approved through our Quality Management System and registered with regulatory bodies to ensure we provide the best level of training to our employees. Read our Skills & Training Center - Contractor Charter


Health and safety